The University of Manchester

Centre for Mathematical Research in Economics and Finance (CMREF)


Honorary Director:

Werner Hildenbrand, University of Bonn, Honorary Doctor of the University of Manchester



Igor Evstigneev, Economics Department, School of Social Sciences, the University of Manchester

Goran Peskir, School of Mathematics, the University of Manchester


CMREF was founded in 2017 with financial support from the University of Manchester (a grant from UMRI).


The mission of the Centre is to catalyse cutting-edge research at the interfaces between Mathematics, Economics and Finance. CMREF initiates and supports international collaborative activities leading to new mathematical results aimed at applications in economic and financial practice. It fosters new lines of cooperation, triggers new developments, and thereby impacts the future of this fascinating and important research field.


Among various research topics, priority is given to the development of evolutionary and behavioural approaches in economic and financial modelling.


The Centre is a focal point of an international research network relying upon advice and expertise of the International Advisory Board that includes world-renowned scholars from 19 countries supporting this initiative.


Key activities of CMREF comprise the organisation of conferences, seminars and research visits. Three conferences were held under the auspices of CMREF:

1st (Inaugural) CMREF Conference Mathematical Economics and Finance (6-8 July 2017);

2nd CMREF Conference Mathematical Economics and Finance (17-18 December 2017).

3rd CMREF Conference Mathematical Economics and Finance (1-2 September 2019).